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Illustration Of Flower Sleeping Inside Blue Pot As Bed


Soundbuds are carefully crafted to remain simple and easy to use, a reliable buddy to lead you through the night no matter the chaos buzzing around you

Moon And Green Sun Ball Hugginh Each Other


The benefits of consistent good sleep extend far beyond our daily lives, to every person and interaction around us. Soundbuds are all about spreading that joy

Sun Shining Behind Blue Mountains Icon


We believe that sleep should be fun, stress-free and seamless. Our ear plugs are designed to celebrate this mindset, riding the high-note path across the morning sunset.

Our values

Open Book Illustration With Animated Character To Showcase A Story By SoundBuds

Our Story

A restful night of sleep is a night worth living for.


Soundbuds were brought to life in Australia 2017 with a sound ambition to help sleepers and dreamers alike enjoy snoozing to the fullest. A wakeup to a healthy & restored bright new tomorrow with the happiest noise blocking earplugs in the space.


Cheers to happy sleep & sound protection.

Thank you for your support!

Blue Animated Earplug Holding Softly Red Heart In Hands To Say Thank You SoundBuds A
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